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Addictive Disorders Intensive Outpatient Program

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Adult and Adolescent IOP Services

The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to help adults and adolescents achieve long-term abstinence and recovery from addiction, while maintaining their normal lifestyles.

Treatment consists of psychoeducational, process, family and aftercare groups as well as an introduction to 12-step concepts.

* Psychoeducation groups provide clients with a thorough understanding of the disease and its chronic progression.

* Process groups assist clients in identifying and resolving psychosocial factors that contribute to addiction or substance abuse.

* Family groups offer support by helping clients and family members increase their understanding of family dynamics and by allowing them to discuss the impact addiction has had on the family. It is very important that the clients have a willingness to stop their addiction. It is encouraged that family members be committed to participating in the recovery process.

* Aftercare groups are available for clients who have successfully completed the program. This group focuses on long-term recovery skills and relapse prevention.

Other services include initial assessments to determine the appropriate level of care, urine drug screening and discharge planning. We strive to work closely with referral sources and other treatment providers to ensure continuity of care, comprehensive treatment and discharge planning. Crisis intervention, as well as individual and family counseling is provided as needed.

Our staff consists of licensed counselors and qualified behavioral health professionals specializing in the assessment and treatment of addictive disorders. To make a referral, contact either of our two convenient locations.
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